Transformational leadership is highly essential today where a typical leader should be able to actively lead a team to productivity and success. Becoming a transformational leader requires one to exhibit and practice certain essential transformational leadership qualities.



Change in leadership is highly significant. As a transformational leader, one needs to understand when to initiate such change and how to go about it while addressing any team needs and preventing conflict in the process. When undertaking such change, a transformational leader takes into consideration the perception of individuals who will be affected.



Intellect is a highly needed attribute among transformational leaders. The ability to actively think logically in order to resolve problems within the team and beyond helps the transformational leader to become resourceful at all times. Intellect also comes in handy in assisting a transformational leader in understanding other members of the team.


Encouraging participation

As a transformational leader, one must be able to spur other members of the team to work actively by participating in teamwork activity. This can be done in many ways and should be intellectually thought. A good transformational leader should be able to encourage active thinking from team members to ensure they remain resourceful to the rest of the team.



Communication is the backbone of the success of any team. Transformational team leaders should be good communicators while being able to absorb new ideas from every possible channel of communication. The leader should also be competent enough when it comes to avoidance of knee-jerk reactions in situations where any communication elicits judgment. Expressing self-restraint in cases of advanced communication or ideas ensures the rest of the team stays together.



Loyalty to the team’s vision and mission is highly essential if a transformational leader is to achieve the team’s obligations successfully. The transformational leader should also be able to spur the loyalty of other members of the team to work. Loyalty goes beyond working within a team. It involves the dedication of resources such as time and ideas to the team to ensure that the mission is accomplished.


Personal integrity

Personal integrity as a team leader is highly necessary as it involves the leaders’ ability to transformatively think and act in ways that show responsibility. Being a firm believer of particular ideologies and taking a strong stand gives a leader the integrity required to run a team successfully.