Thierry Dentice - Leadership picProperly onboarding new hires can be a key influencer in whether or not they will go on to be successful. Many times, growing startups invest a lot of time and effort into the recruitment process but fail to follow through with the same level of effort when it comes to onboarding. It is through the onboarding process that a company upholds the culture it is attempting to establish, which is very important for many new hires. These 5 must-do steps can help you make sure that your next time onboarding is beneficial for new hires.

1. Ask your new hires to come in later than the rest of your staff

At least on the first day, new hires should arrive after the rest of the staff. This allows for your staff to get settled in so that new hires don’t arrive in during one of those crazy mornings where the staff has to settle problems that arose over night.

2. Task your key staff with conducting the welcome

Schedule your new hire’s first day on a day that schedules of some of your top staff members are not jampacked. Devoting time to the welcoming process is important, otherwise your new hire won’t like like they are a priority.

3. Put together a team lunch

Many companies host a team lunch to welcome new hires, and it is a great opportunity for your staff to meet their new coworker.

4. Introduce the new hire to your customer service department

Having your new hire spend some time working with your customer service team, even if their position won’t be a client-facing position, gives them a good perspective of your company and its product. Along with that, you want your whole staff being aware of what challenges and goals the company faces.

5. Keep your new hire’s first day light

Burning out your new hire on the first day is definitely not a good first impression, or the image of what’s to come that you want to project. Although you may wish for them to become productive immediately, it is better for the longer term that you ease a new hire into his or her new role.